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Your Hiring and Promotion Solution

Your Hiring and Promotion Solution

At the Centre for Assessments, we aim to help companies make better management and promotion decisions during the hiring process.  We have worked hard to become an industry leader and are consistently relied upon by companies throughout the country.

Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we will give you the ability to:

Choose the right people the first time
Save time and money in the promotion and/or hiring process by selecting the right employee for your company

Place candidates in the right roles
Reduce conflict and increase engagement and productivity by hiring each employee into the job that best suits them

Identify each management employee who can motivate, and train people to achieve their highest level of productivity
Get the best performance and the most productivity from every employee within your company

Build a strong corporate culture
Identifying and addressing gaps in your organizational alignment will give you the capability to meet your company’s strategic goals and objectives

At the Centre for Assessments, our goal is to help organizations maximize each employee’s effectiveness in the company.

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WATMEC, of which the Center for Assessments is a division, has been sourcing the best in class assessments for the past 18 years.  The Centre for Assessments promotes validated and reliability tested assessments that provide easy-to-read reports with actionable comments and feedback.  Our reports are written in the language of business with practical recommendations, coaching strategies and insights for your company.  Hiring assessments are deemed to be defensible if used properly. 

While the Centre for Assessments provides extensive information on line, we encourage you to contact a representative to discuss in-depth the use and opportunities that our assessments provide.  We truly want you to attain maximum benefit from using these cost-effective assessments.  Call 1-800-265-9726 or email a representative.